New Daiwa N'ZON Feeder / Quiver Fishing Rods All Models

New Daiwa N'ZON Feeder / Quiver Fishing Rods All Models

New Daiwa N'ZON Feeder / Quiver Fishing Rods All Models

New Daiwa N'ZON Feeder / Quiver Fishing Rods - All Models. Beach and Shore Fishing Kits. BULK HOOKS IN 1000'S. Flotation Suits & Life Vests.

Dock Lines And Ski Ropes. Carp & Specialist Luggage & Ac. BISON TROLLYS BROLLYS & CHAIRS. Order before 2pm for Same Day Dispatch. This N'ZON feeder series offers a broad range of rods for light method feeder fishing up to extra-heavy feeder work on rivers.

The series is distinguished by their slim, well-balanced, tough blanks. N'ZON MINI METHOD FEEDER (NZF902Q-AX & NZF1002Q-AX) Classic method feeder rods with a parabolic action. These allow for a smooth, powerful loading and casting. Sudden runs are perfectly absorbed, especially with fish under the rod tip. Ideal for all styles of lake.

N'ZON METHOD FEEDER (NZF1102Q-AX & NZF1202Q-AX) Method feeder rods with a mid/through action. Delivering power and smooth casting for loads up to 60g. Well suited to bigger commercial fisheries and large lakes. N'ZON POWER FEEDER (NZF1203PQ-AX) Strong, fast action rod with large power reserves - perfect for medium current or extreme distances on lakes. N'ZON MEDIUM FEEDER (NZF1203MQ-AX).

Lightweight, well-balanced with a medium fast action and strong backbone. Will easily cast low weights at distance. Loaded the action changes to a semi-parabolic.

Perfect for lakes and light current. N'ZON XL DISTANCE FEEDER (NZF1303XPQ-AX). Classical rod for medium to strong current and heavy feeders. The high loading point produces power quickly. Designed for heavy feeders fished with precision.

HMC+® High Modulus Plus carbon fibre. Cork EVA handle with Armlock. This product has no reviews yet, however see what our buyers say about our other products..

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New Daiwa N'ZON Feeder / Quiver Fishing Rods All Models